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Windshield Replacements Worth It

Are Scrapyard Used Windshield Replacements Worth It?

With the continuing rise in vehicle costs these days, more and more drivers are seeking ways to save money on car repairs and maintenance. One area where major cost savings can be achieved is by installing a quality used or recycled windshield to replace a damaged one rather than purchasing a brand new windshield. Advancements in windshield manufacturing and installation methods now allow used windshields to be removed, refurbished, and reinstalled properly to serve as an affordable and environmentally friendly solution. In this blog, we'll break down the smart way to utilize the used windshield market so you can take advantage of huge cost savings without excessively compromising safety or visibility. You'll learn insider tips on selection, what to look for in an inspection, proper installation techniques, and more to score big savings while still getting years of functionality out of a used replacement windshield. Let's get into the details!

Pros of Used Windshield Replacement

Cheaper upfront cost

The main advantage of purchasing a used windshield is the lower price compared to a new one. You can typically save 40-60% by opting for a used or salvaged glass windshield. This makes it an attractive option for car owners on a tight budget.

Availability of parts

Finding a used or salvaged windshield for most car makes, and models are relatively easy through junkyards or windshield recycling centers. As long as there is no prior damage, used windshields can be removed, refurbished, and sold in working order.

Cons of Used Windshield Replacement

Shorter lifespan

While there are exceptions in some cases, a used windshield likely has a shorter effective lifespan than new glass. Factors like prior stress, micro-cracking, improper storage, and reinstallation can impact longevity. You may need to replace it again sooner.

Poorer optical clarity

Minor scratches and imperfections in used glass can negatively impact optical clarity. This causes glare, distorted vision, and potentially hazardous driving conditions in certain lighting. New OEM glass offers superior optics.

No manufacturer warranty

Used windshield replacement does not have the same warranty on new OEM or aftermarket windshields. You also likely won't receive a warranty from the installer either. If issues arise, you'll have to pay out of pocket.

Potential fitment issues

Getting a used windshield that properly fits your particular car is not always straightforward. Even minor measurement discrepancies or differences in curvature can prevent proper sealing or introduce leaks or wind noise.

Finding the Right Used Windshield If you decide to go the used windshield route, finding one in good shape is key to maximizing quality and longevity. Here are some tips:

The Windshield Replacement Process The installation process is essentially the same between new and used windshields. A trained professional should:

Post-Installation Care Once your used windshield has been installed, be sure to follow these tips:

Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Windshield If you do decide to go with a used replacement windshield, there are some important questions to ask to make sure you get a quality part:

Used Windshields Can Be Safe, but Proper Inspection is Key

While there are always risks with used parts with an unknown history, windshield replacement with quality used glass that passes careful inspection can be a safe option to save money, as long as fitting for your particular car is confirmed. But skipping thorough checks of the glass or choosing the wrong shop to do shoddy work substantially raises your chances of poor performance, leaks, and premature failure of the windshield. Evaluate options cautiously.

Asking the supplier detailed questions and verifying the windshield carefully is time well invested before purchasing a used replacement windshield. A small investment upfront prevents much larger expenses later on if you end up with damaged or leaking glass that must be replaced. While not always perfect, checking over the condition and fit of any used windshield helps stack the odds in your favor of getting satisfactory performance from used windshield replacement.

Consider UPI Auto Parts for Your Used Windshield Needs

When sourcing a quality used windshield replacement at an affordable price, I recommend checking out UPI Auto Parts. They are a trusted windshield salvage yard that has been operating since 1982. UPI has an extensive used auto part inventory with a massive selection of used OEM windshields for nearly all domestic and foreign car models. Their warehouses store thousands of complete used windshield assemblies ready for purchase.


Rather than breaking the bank on expensive new OEM windshield replacements, used windshields offer drastic cost savings for many car owners. Exercising caution in selecting the right used glass supplier and installer helps ensure you receive an adequately functioning windshield for a fraction of the price. While longevity may be reduced, diligent inspection, quality refurbishment processes, and expert installation techniques allow used windshields to meet essential fit and safety needs at a value.

Of course, new will always be the premium standard for durability, optics, and fit. However, using auto glass shifts the economics in your favor. Take time selecting the correct part and installer, verify warranties, and care for the windshield properly post-install. With reasonable expectations, used windshield replacement sends you safely on your way by making these vital repairs far more affordable.

Focusing on the opportunity for major cost savings through the used windshield market paints this repair option in a positive monetary light. With care taken in parts selection and installation, used windshield replacement can be safe, functional, and budget-conscious. The keys are not cutting corners, partnering with reputable suppliers and technicians, and practicing diligent inspection and care. The approach used windshield installation this way for the value that satisfies.


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